Thursday, June 16, 2016


One of the things we love about our new house is the neighborhood pool. It's a five minute walk from our house! I have many fond summer memories at this same pool. Although last year they renovated it, now it's even better.
It's gonna be a great summer!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Catching Up

Well May was a whirling month for our family, which is why there was no blog post. It came and went so quickly with mothers day, school wrapping up for Chloe, closing on our house, moving and lots of painting, and to end it all our cruise! Whew! June is turning out to be the same, so lets see if I can actually get this post up!
This was mother's day at the boat house. A wonderful brunch!
On May 12, we closed on our new house! It was such a big day, after almost a whole year of waiting, we finally got our home here in Richmond. We started painting right away.
Of course Chloe wanted a pink room.
Chloe on closing day in our family room. 
 The next day we explored our "new" neighborhood. I put new in quotes because this is where I grew up. So, it's all so familiar to me, but new to Clarke and the kids. We love the playgrounds, walking trails, and of course the pools!
Getting our stuff out of the pod! It had been way too long. 
Reading on the front porch. 
Luke turned 4 months old. He is such a happy baby, really only cries when he's hungry or very tired. He is starting to move so much. I can tell he wants to be mobile so badly. His personally is starting to show, he's so easy going. In the morning when he wakes up in his crib he just plays until I come get him, no crying! 
Chloe on her last day of school for the year. She was so sad that her school is closed for the summer. She had the best year! We absolutely loved her class and teacher this year. She has truly thrived there. 
Luckily her friends will be in her class again next year, but we are going to miss Mrs. Jackson so much!
Having fun at the end of the year picnic. Dancing with her friends was her favorite though. 
At the end of the month we went on our cruise! Clarke's company celebrated 50 years so they took the entire company on an all expense paid cruise. It was so much fun and much needed after the craziness of moving. 
One of our favorite parts was swimming with a dolphin. It was so neat to hug them and pet them, we loved it. We also explored Nassau that day. 
 This is where we ate dinner every night. A nice view of the ocean.
And since we got back we've been trying to unpack and make this house a home. It's a slow process with two small children.
The kids rooms are coming together, the dinning room, not so much!
Well, that was quite the catch up post! I'll try to post more once we are settled here.
I'll end with this picture, my loves. :)