Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Low Key Weekend

This low key weekend is just what I needed. Friday night had dinner with some girlfriends at one of my favorite restaurants, Station 2. Seriously, they have the best burgers. Ever. Oh and icecream afterwards at Boyers makes it even better! I just love the friendships where you can stay up late talking, and hanging out, which is just what we did.
Saturday Clarke and I went on a run together. He decided he wanted to run a full 10k for the first time, since he is going to run his first 10k this March. I loved to be able to experience this with him. I was really proud of him when we finished.
Saturday night Clarke made me dinner, and I snapped this photo. Haha!
I also got to do some more trip planning, which I love doing. 6 weeks from today we will be on a plane!

Sunday was the same as most, church, volunteering at the church, out to lunch. Me and Clarke went on a walk, I really can't wait for it to get warmer and we can do that more often.

Overall it was a great low key weekend, which was just what I needed!

Monday, February 20, 2012


We finally got a real snow day!
This is the only picture I could get last night. It was really coming down!
But this morning it was so beautiful!
Too bad it's already melting. It's suppose to be 70 degrees on Thursday, that's Richmond weather for you! I guess I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Lion King

For Christmas this year Clarke and I bought our moms tickets to see the Broadway musical The Lion King when it came to the Landmark Theatre here in Richmond. Friday night we finally got to go.
We had such a great time, and the show was absolutely amazing. Of course the music was great, but the costumes were probably my favorite part. The detail on them, and the way they manipulated them to make the animals move/talk and sing was something to watch. My mom brought binoculars so we could see everything really good, such a great idea.
It was also really funny, which I wasn't expecting but it was. Rafiki was probably my favorite character for that reason!

Overall it was such a great show, so glad we got to enjoy it with our moms.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spreak Break Plans

This is why I can't wait for Spring Break:
And one last picture..........
Can you guess where we are going? The Oregon Coast!!!!! I am beyond excited. It's kinda funny how we ended up picking this place for our trip. We knew we wanted to go somewhere for my spring break, and we had been talking about so many different ideas. For a long time we had actually talked about going on a cruise, but when we looked at the cost for everything (like all the excursions and little extra fees) we saw it wasn't the best use of our money. We decided we could go somewhere just as nice for a little bit cheaper. We talked about the West Coast (Clarke has never seen the Pacific Ocean and it's been 8 years for me) but couldn't decide on a specific spot. So I started looking on Groupon and Living Social for ideas and to find a good deal. Well, I stumbled upon this place: Salishan Spa and Golf Resort. I knew that Clarke would love this place when I saw the word golf in the title, and when I saw these pictures I knew this was the perfect place for our trip!
Golf course right on the Pacific!
I can't wait! Although, I shouldn't say that because we still have a lot of planning left to do. Groupon would only let me buy 3 nights at this place so we still need to decide where to spend the rest of our time. (Although I have great ideas) Also, we are thinking about flying into Seattle, but need to finalize that as well. I admit I've already spent a lot of time researching online different things to do and see here. Oh, and if anyone reading this has ever been to the Oregon Coast or Seattle please leave me comments with ideas about anything!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I have to say I had a pretty great Valentine's Day yesterday! I think this may be my favorite holiday to celebrate at school. The kids get so excited about these little cards and candy, and I love watching them.
 I got so spoiled. My students also love giving out their valentines too! One of my gymnastics girls even gave me a valentine, which I thought was so sweet of her.

That night Clarke grilled steak, and I made mashed potatoes. It was really nice just to have a low key night. Of course I had to watch the Valentine's Day Glee, which was fabulous as always. This was our 3rd Valentine's Day being married, I can't believe it. We also finalized spring break plans which I am very excited about! (I'll post more about that soon.)

Overall it was such a great day where I felt so loved by everyone in my life. That's the perfect holiday for me!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Days plus Macaroni and Cheese

These winter days are starting to become better as it stays lighter a little bit longer. And Spring Break doesn't seem as far away as it did a couple weeks ago. Winter is almost over! I know we still have over a month left, but honestly I am ready for Spring!

I've been trying to enjoy the last of these Winter days though.
We got a sudden snow storm today, which was really fun. Although we were driving home from the mall, but once we got home I snapped these pictures.
I also made this homemade macaroni and cheese the other night. It was so good, and perfect for a cold winter night.
These are the little things that I am loving about wintertime.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Words for Wednesday

My dad shared this quote at my grandmother's funeral, because it was so true about her attitude. Through her struggles with cancer she always had the best outlook, knowing there was only so much she could control.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Welcome February! It's hard to believe you are already here!!

I'm excited about Valentine's Day. We don't make a huge deal about it or anything but it's a fun holiday. Especially working in an elementary school with all the fun decorations.
Oh yeah, and Valentine's Day candy!

I'm excited about going to see The Lion King on Broadway at The Landmark Theatre. This was our Chrstmas gift to our moms and we're really excited about taking them.
I can't believe it's the last full month of winter. Although, it hasn't felt like winter here lately. I am ready for spring to come!

I'm excited to get to know my new students better. While I already know most of them from being in and out of their classrooms throughout the year, I'm looking forward to spending more time with them.

I can't believe we are already a full month into 2012. Hoping this will be a great month!