Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Greensboro Science Center

This past Saturday we took Chloe to the Greensboro Science Center. It was a rainy day here so we thought we would try something inside. When we got to Greensboro, about 30 minutes east of here it wasn't even raining, which turned out well since they had outside exhibits. 
It was basically an aquarium and zoo, they had a museum part but we didn't do that since we didn't think Chloe would really be into it.
They had the cutest penguins!
I actually remembered to bring my Nikon, then after one picture it ran out of batteries. So I had to rely on the iphone, most of these pictures aren't that great, oh well. 
Of course Chloe's favorite were the monkeys. In the past month or so she has really been into monkeys, it's so funny. We have a baby animal book and the baby monkey is by far her favorite. One of Clarke's coworkers gave her a pink stuffed monkey and she loves it. So when we got to the monkey part of the zoo, she lit up, really this girl loves her monkeys! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

5 for Friday

So I am late getting this up today, but we've been busy (okay really we've been at the Y but that counts right?) Thought I would link up with Darci!!

1. Me and Clarke started watching breaking bad on Netflix. After hearing from several different bloggers that they were hooked we decided to try it. Let me tell you, we are hooked! It's actually a pretty funny show, which we weren't expecting. We are really enjoying it when Chloe goes to sleep at night. 

2. I got my first pair of Tom's the other day. I ordered them when they were on sale at Zulily. I am loving them!

3. Chloe is really into standing these days. She still has yet to crawl, in fact she has absolutely no interest in it. But she is all about standing. What to do?

4.  One of my best friends from Richmond came to visit last Sunday and Monday with her daughter. We had so much fun going to the pool, Old Salem and out to eat. We love visitors!

5. Last Saturday night I had my first girl's night in my new town. I met some new friends and had such a great time. It's been so nice knowing some other moms as we adjust to living here. We already planned to do it again soon.

Hope ya'll have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Y

So this morning I finally joined the YMCA! 
Ever since I became a stay at home mom I have wanted to join the Y. The idea of someone watching my baby while I get to go run or workout seemed great, and exactly what I need. We were going to join in Richmond, then we moved. So I finally decided it was time to join down here. 

My biggest fear was leaving Chloe in Child Watch. In my mind I knew she would be fine and that everyone who works there is screened, trained, etc. But my mommy heart was so nervous! I figured I should do it while she is younger so she just gets used to going while I workout. And this morning when I brought her she didn't even shed one tear! She did so well and I got a great workout in. 

I am so excited about this, just had to share!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Inspiration

I am dreaming about decorating our new home. Paint colors, new flooring, pillows and the perfect mirror for over the fireplace are all swarming around in my head these days. I thought I would share where I think it's all going....
Source: yhl
So I will just start by admitting how much I love young house love's last house. Yeah, I even looked up their paint colors and went to Benjamin Moore to get samples. There is something about this space that is the perfect balance of cozy, comfort and style that I am going for. It's functional (and with a baby this is definitely a priority) but looks nice too. I love their mid-centurt modern tv stand/dresser. I want an ottoman just like this, with great storage and no sharp edges for baby. I want some fun pillows and love the gray walls. Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, thinking this is the neutral for our hallways, foyer and den, maybe some other spaces too. 
Source: HomeSav
I love the mix of whites and dark woods. In our last house almost everything was dark wood, but I want to try and add more visual interest by throwing in some white pieces like this garden stool. (I am thinking rounded corners=okay for baby?) 
Source: project nursery
I am thinking of changing Chloe's room a bit. I've been going back and forth between keeping it the fun bright pink and going in a whole new direction, like the picture above and painting the walls a soft gray. I love the airyness (is that a word?) of the gray walls, white furniture and pops of color. Her furniture will definitely not change, as I spent hours putting those yellow lines on them. 
Source: project nursery
I love this look. I am just gonna paint the walls light gray to start. If I decide I want the pink back it's always easier to put that bright pink over a light gray than try to go the other way. (I wonder if the people who bought our house painted over it, I'm sure they did.) 

So that is where I am today. I have decided to make my own listy mclisterson like Young House Love. Check back for that soon! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

5 for Friday

Linking up today for 5 for Friday with Joy and Darci!!

1. As I mentioned in my last post my in-laws were down for the fourth weekend. After they left 2 of my best friends came down to visit too. We have loved having so many visitors!
Playing "dress up" with way too many bows.

2. I am loving this salad dressing. I wasn't sure about it, but thought I would try it out since I love Cilantro, and it's so good!

3. Here is some really fun news, we bought a house! Well we have a contract on a house. We close in August, hopefully everything will go smoothly.
Can I just add how much I love that it's yellow? And that front porch!!

4. Going along with a new house, if you know me in real life you can guess what I've been up to......
Paint colors! Ahhhhh, I am having way too much fun picking out colors for our new house. More on that soon, but I forgot how much fun it is.

5. And then to end with one random picture of my sweet baby girl.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

8 months

Dear Chloe,
Yesterday another month went by and you turned 8 months. Your personality has come out more this month, you are such a happy baby. You love to smile and laugh and interact so much more with us now. One of your new favorites is dogs and cats. I guess you have always loved them, but now you really really love them. You kick your feet and smile and laugh so much whenever you see a dog or cat. It's so cute.

You have developed object permanence. If you are playing with something and I take it away most of the time you get mad. Wrappers and napkins especially, those seem to be your favorites right now. You are sitting up so well too. Every now and then you fall over, but for the most part you sit up on your own extremely well. You still hate being on your tummy, you will push up off your belly, but most of the time you just roll over. You still like to "talk". Your favorites are dadada and yayaya.

You are still a good eater. Sometimes you get mad when it's all gone. You love anything I give you to eat, spinach, peas, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, oatmeal, yogurt, really anything you gobble down. You grab for the spoon sometimes, I think you are getting ready for finger foods. You nurse 4 times a day now.

The biggest milestone for this month has definitely been no more nursing at night! Short after moving you stopped nursing at night. You still wake up a couple times during the night, most of the time if I give you your paci and rub your back you go back down easily. This has been such a big victory! I know you are on your way to sleeping through the night.

Your hair has grown so much recently. It's getting even more fuller and longer. Your eyes are still bright blue. I weighed you at home and you are about 14 pounds, still small and petite. You wear size 3-6 months in most clothes now. Of course you are still so beautiful. Someone recently told me you should be a baby model.

I love you so much sweet girl. It's been a great month, here's to many more!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

First Fourth

Chloe's first Fourth of July was such a great day, of course I had a special outfit for her to wear. (I am starting to think that is my new favorite part about any holiday, just dressing her up!) 
This is actually the day before. I got this dress for memorial day at a consignment store and it was too big for her then, so I saved it for the fourth!
All smiles on the Fourth of July, so sweet. We headed down to Old Salem, which is an old settlement, very similar to colonial Williamsburg. We loved walking around and seeing all the old houses and gardens. Luckily it wasn't too hot.

We though it might rain, but luckily it held off that morning. Chloe did really good, but after awhile in her stroller she wanted out. I am starting to see a trend with this. 
After walking around we came home, had some lunch and went to the pool. 
We tried a new pair of sunglasses, but she decided she would rather eat them than wear them, oh well. Later that afternoon Clarke's parents came into town and stayed the long weekend. This was the only picture I got.
It was so great to spend time with family and have Clarke home from work the extra days! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mid Week Randoms

Thought I would post some cute pictures of Chloe from the past few days......

She loved swinging at the park this past weekend. She is finally big enough to fit, although she still looks so small.

I love how they both have the same expressions on their face here!

Some others from this past weekend. I got that stroller on clearance with an additional 20% off Sunday. I got such a good deal on it, made me happy. 

And one last picture from good ole Costco. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July tomorrow!!