Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I've had such a great holiday weekend! Here is what I did.....

-Slept in till 10:00! This is really late for me, and this past Saturday was my last one to sleep in until late November. (marathon training starts next week!!)

-Had a great girl's night. We ate dinner at Firebird's and saw Bridesmaids. The movie was really funny. If you haven't seen it yet, I would definitely recommend it.

-Spent the entire day at the pool with friends. I wanted to even out my tan (my arms were really tan from recess and running, but that's it.) Although I got a little too much color, I'm hoping it will even out before our beach trip in June.

-Played golf at The Dominion Club with Clarke and my in laws. We got to take golf carts, which is always really fun. It's such a pretty course, and they even took us out to dinner after.

-Went on a double date with some good friends. (Me and Clarke actually set them up!!) We had lunch at Xtra's in Carytown and ice cream at Sweet Frog.

-Enjoyed the fact that it finally feels like summer. It's been in the 90s and sunny, and right now I'm loving it.

Happy Memorial Day!!

Friday, May 27, 2011


So after our fun day in Philly we drove down to my dad's place in Baltimore. We went out to dinner at this cute little place in Fell's Point. I love this part of Baltimore, not too touristy, and very quaint.
We went to dessert at my favorite place in Little Italy, Vaccaro's. Here is Clarke's dessert!
The next morning we went to the Farmer's Market. They had so many beautiful flowers, and good food. I got some great mango hummus, which we've been enjoying since.

Afterwards we went to the Oriole's game. They won 2-1 against The Nationals. We were also lucky to dodge a thunderstorm.

I didn't take too many pics, since I already have like 100 pictures of everything in Baltimore. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but I def. have my share of pictures of the inner harbor. We also decided that Baltimore is one of our favorite cities. We loved Philly, and lots of other neat big cities we've been to, but there is something really nice about the inner harbor, and the water and boats in Baltimore.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This past weekend we took a little road trip up north. We both had never been to Philly so we thought we would head up for the day. Since my dad lives in Baltimore, which is only an hour away, we decided to spend Saturday night there. It worked out well.
After eating some authentic philly cheesesteaks we saw the liberty bell. We actually didn't have to wait in line that long. After seeing all the historical stuff we headed over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Here I am with Van Gogh's famous sunflowers. I loved this museum. It was huge, and they had so many great works of art. It was definitely my favorite part of the trip!
I had to snap my picture real quick on the famous steps from Rocky outside the museum.
And before we left we stopped by the famous love park. I figured it wouldn't be as big as I thought (because that always happens) and it wasn't. But it was still really neat.

We loved Philadelphia, and I can't believe how much we saw and did in just one day! Next post will be about Baltimore!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Where I Am

I haven't posted much about my thoughts on here lately, what's going on in my head, and I'm feeling the need to get it out, so here I go.............

I sit and wonder where will I be next fall? I hate job searching. I long for a job where I feel a peace about being there long term. I really enjoy my current job, but it's not something I can see me doing long term. I could never be pregnant in this job, and while right now that's not something that matters, eventually it will. Special ed interests me, I enjoy it, and feel I connect well with the kids. Where was I going with that thought? I don't know? Back to the job search......

This morning I got an email from a friend's mom about some postings for art teacher jobs at Henrico County. I was shocked because I had just checked their website a couple days ago, and had seen nothing. (I admit, I check that site way too often.)So I go to check it out, I couldn't believe it........the same school I was suppose to coach at earlier this year. The one I posted about here. So I spent the entire day today playing the what if game? What if things had worked out for me to coach there, I would have developed a relationship with the administration and others in the school. They would know me, and know that I'm a hard worker. I would be a shoe in for this position..........

And while I know God is in control of everything, I can't help but wonder why? Right now I am having a hard time making sense of it all. I've applied for a job at a small christian school as well. I love the idea of being able to tell my students that Jesus loves them. Maybe that's why.....

It seems just a few weeks ago (before the last two hard weeks at school) I was so excited about special ed. Here I come back to that again. I honestly felt like God was tugging at my heart, leading me in that direction. And now I don't know..............

I don't know what to think? Where to go? I do know God is in control. He knows somehow all the pieces will fit together perfectly. And somehow I'm trusting him. I'm trusting he will lead me where I need to be. Whether that's somewhere in special ed or somewhere teaching art.

And if your still reading this, thanks. If you want to pray for me, I would really appreciate it. I am praying that God would guide me. Guide me where I need to be. Help me to understand his plan.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CCFA Walk 2011

This past Saturday we participated in the Crohn's and Colitis Walk. I posted about it here. 
The race was held at Richmond International Raceway. We got to walk on the actual racetrack, which was really neat. Although some parts were kinda hard to walk around because of the incline. (I never knew how steep the inclines are around the corners of a racetrack!)
Here we are at victory lane. This was a neat little area inside the track. I'm not sure if this is where the racecar drivers actually go or not? I've never been to a race before.
And here is the reason why I walked and fundraised. To support my hubby. He is blessed that he hasn't had a flair up from his Ulcerative Colitis in about a year. We are hoping to keep it that way!

Overall it was a great event, so glad the rain held off and we were able to still go!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life Verse

My pastor says that every christian should have a life verse. A verse that you live your life by, that drives what you do and how you live your life. The bible is full of so many great verses, and there are many that speak to me. And that's why it's been hard for me to pick one to really strive to live by everyday. But I finally have decided on mine:

Luke 12:48

"For those whom much is given, much is required."

I have been blessed. I have been given so many resources, talents and gifts. And I feel that I need to use those for good. Use those gifts to bless others, and to help them.
It's why I love my job. I love helping my students do things they can't do on their own. I love helping them to learn and grow.
It's why I'm involved in my church. I love giving my time to help others grow closer to God.
I love this biblical truth, and strive to live my life remembering what Jesus has already done for me, and what I can do for others.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shameless Plug

I don't normally do this on here, but this is a good cause, so here we go...............

My husband and sister-in-law both suffer from ulcerative colitis. (It's a digestive disease that effects mainly the colon.) It's very painful, and they don't know much about it. They don't know what causes it, what makes it flair up and most importantly what cures it. I've witnessed first hand how hard it can be to live with this disease from my husband.

So this Saturday we are participating in The Chron's and Colitis Foundation's Take Steps Walk. We did it last year for the first time after my husband had a bad attack. I'm excited to be participating in it again.

if you want to donate to this cause and help me reach my goal. (If you click and see, I'm not doing too well on the fundraising part of this!)

Thank you so much for your support, as we help to find a cure for this awful disease!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's been awhile since....

I've gone to a concert. I had such a great time Friday night at the Carbon Leaf concert! Of course now their CD is in my car, and I'll be listening to it for awhile.

I've done karaoke. Saturday night we had a cookout at the church for our young adult's ministry. Well it rained (luckily after we ate) so we moved inside the auditorium. My sister-in-law was playing around on the stage and somehow it turned into a fun night of karaoke. It was sooo much fun. Of course I was reminded that I can't sing, but I still had a blast.

I've been out past midnight. I know, I'm lame, but it's the truth. Friday night after the concert we went to New York Deli and got some appetizers and drinks. I had no clue that it turns into a dance party around 11, but it does. So we stayed and danced, Clarke really had a great time.

I've taken a nap. Friday at school was field day, which was great. But it was also exhausting. I went around and helped a little girl in my class do all her events, and it was really fun. (She did especially well on the rock climbing wall, and that was so neat to see.) But, when I got home I knew I needed a little nap to recover.

I've been to one of my favorite restaurants in Richmond, Stuzzi's. We went here for lunch with our mom's to celebrate Mother's Day. I forgot how good everything is. If you are a local reader and haven't been yet, you should go.

What a great weekend! I can't believe it's already Sunday night.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Today

Happy Wednesday! Here is what I am loving today.....

My friend just posted this picture from the Monument Avenue 10k, I'm loving it.
Seeing this makes me excited for June 4, that's when marathon training starts. I'm really nervous, and sometimes I ask myself am I crazy? But mostly I'm just excited.

I'm loving my free trail of Netflix. I'm still not sure if I will continue it after my free month is up, mainly because it's too addicting. I've been watching way too many old episodes of Army Wives.
Since I recently started watching this show I feel the need to catch up on all the past ones I've missed. But I know I probably should be doing something more productive!

I'm loving this picture as well. It's from the bridal shower for my friend Rebecca we had last Saturday.
I love these girls, and the shower went great. So glad everything went smoothly on Saturday.

I'm loving that this Friday I get to see one of my favorite bands, Carbon Leaf.
It's been way too long since I've been to one of their concerts, and I can't wait.

I'm loving the new show on NBC, The Voice.
Anyone else watching this? I love the fact that the judges can't see what the singers look like.

And lastly I'm loving teacher appreciation week.
These are flowers that my students brought me. I've also recieved a bunch of cupcakes, cookies and other fun things from them. We got to wear jeans to school today, I'm loving this week!

And that is what I'm loving today!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Welcome to my edition of Miscellany Monday!

1. I am loving our house in it's full spring glory!
All the plants up front by the house are recently planted. I hope that little tree we planted on the left side grows fast, it looks so tiny right now!

2. I recently started doing Zumba at my church. My sister-in-law wanted to go, and I thought it might be good to do some cross training for my running. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I also must admit that I remember it being a lot harder than it is now. I think after all this running I am finally in shape!

3. Friday my class went to our Little Feet Meet, for the Special Olympics. It was such a great event. I can't even express how much I enjoyed it.
It was great for them to have an event about them. My students will never have ballet recitals, or basketball games for their parents to come watch, this is it. It was great to share that with their families and them.

4. I enjoyed watching the royal wedding. I didn't wake up early to see it, but I did stay up way too late that night watching the coverage on the news. I honestly didn't really care that much about it, until I turned it on and got lured into it. I loved her dress, that was the main reason I turned it on to begin with, had to see that! What did ya'll think?

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!