Tuesday, August 16, 2016

cheers to sears

A little over a week ago my little brother got married! It was such a beautiful day, we all enjoyed celebrating the newlyweds. 
Family started coming into town on Friday. The rehearsal dinner was so nice, Hardshell Downtown, and my little helpers did a great job helping us set up before! 

One of the best parts was having my grandpa there. He had multiple strokes almost two months ago, it really was a miracle that he could be there.
Chloe was the flower girl, she really is a pro now! 
The reception was at the John Marshall, it was a beautiful venue. They had the cutest first dance I've ever seen. Leave it to my brother to make up a fun choreographed dance! 
Beyond thankful they got to meet! 
It was such a fun night, but definitely went by too quick. I'm beyond excited to officially have another sister in law now!