Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 To Do List

Every year I make new year resolutions. This year I can't really think of anything big I want to change, as far as lifestyle goes. Not that I have it altogether or anything like that, I just really want to try something new. So, this year I thought I would make a "to do list". Things that I want to accomplish in 2011. So here it is:

1. Travel to at least one new place. I just love exploring new places.

2. Run the Monument Avenue 10k.

3. Finish my 2010 scrapbook, our wedding scrapbook, and stay up to date in scrapbooking.

4. Landscape our yard. It is in serious need of some bushes and tlc. 

5. Remodel our bathrooms. I have been saying this since we moved in. Something always comes up that takes our time or money, but this year it is gonna happen.

So there it is. The 5 big things I want to accomplish in 2011.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Year In Pictures

A snapshot of my year in pictures....

New Year's in Washington D.C.

Betty in the snow.

St. Patrick's day in Baltimore.

Anniversary trip to Outer Banks.

Mother's day tea at church with family.

Trip to Disney World.

Outer Banks with friends.

American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

Sunset in Ocean City.

Halloween party at our house.

Thanksgiving at mom's house.

Me outside Frank Gehry's building in New York City.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

27...looking back on 26

Today was my 27th birthday!

It was filled with lots of family and friends. I feel so blessed to have so many people who care about me.

Birthdays always make me reminisce about the past year. My 26th year was a big one. Here is a look back at it............

26, You brought........
(in no particular order)

A new home for my family.

Travels to lots of fun places.

Lots of time spent scrapbooking.

My first snow day from school as an employee.

More involvement in my church.

A new job working with some amazing children.

Great times spent with my hubby, enjoying being married.

A new group of friends.

Improvement in my golf game.

Lots of quality time with family and friends who are dear to me.

A new habit, running.

Time spent snuggling and playing with Betty.

A full year of memories on this blog.

Starting the tradition of our girl's beach trip to the Outer Banks.

Countless hours painting our house.

Having lots of trick or treaters at our house.

Becoming a Sunday school teacher at my church.

Seeing one of my favorite artists speak.

An appreciation for the season of life I am currently in.

Learning how to be a good host by having two parties and one big get together.

New recipes to try and enjoy.

Sharing childhood memories and having fun at Disney World with hubby.

Hope 27 is as good as 26!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jesus, Presents and Food

Merry Christmas!!

Clarke and I celebrated Christmas eve with his side of the family. We went to church, and I babysat in the nursery before the service we actually attended. I got to see all the babies dressed up all cute for Christmas. Then we had a big Christmas dinner and did presents with his family.

I made cinnamon buns for Christmas morning breakfast at our house. We opened our gifts to each other, and of course Betty got her gifts.

We headed over to my mom's house to spend the day with my side of the family. We opened more presents and ate more food. I am sooo stuffed as I type this right now! We also got a white Christmas here in Richmond, and it's beautiful.

I wanted to leave you with this. I know it has been going around all the blogs and facebook, but just in case you haven't seen it. It's pretty neat.

I hope you enjoyed your day as well! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trips of 2010

Boy did we travel a lot this year! We went somewhere every month (except for February). We did a lot of weekend trips, even if they weren't that far, they were always fun. Here is a recap........

Girl's Christmas Dinner, Year 6!

I can't believe we just celebrated our 6th annual girl's Christmas dinner. I posted about it last year here.
We always make predictions about what will happen in the coming year. We started writing them down last year. It's always fun to look back.
This year we went to The Water Grill. It was really good.
All of us afterwards. So thankful for these girls!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New York, Part 2

We woke up early Monday morning, ready to explore more of the city. First stop was Frank Gehry's IAC Building. Ever since I found out he had designed a building in NYC I wanted to see it.
I must say, it seemed much bigger in pictures, but I loved it. I also got to see Jean Nouvel's condos, which are right next door. How cool would it be to live here?
Both are amazing buildings, designed by some of my favorite architects.
So glad I got to see these incredible buildings.
Next stop was Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum. I had been to this building before, but it was under renovation and there was scaffolding all over it. So I wanted to stop by really quick so I could see the outside in its full glory! I was a happy girl, three amazing buildings in one morning.
Our last stop was the Museum of Modern Art. I really enjoyed this to say the least.
Mark Rothko. I was in heaven.
We ate lunch in the Cafe of the museum. They had really yummy Italian food. Of course I had to take a picture of our food!
Elizabeth Murray. This picture doesn't do it justice.

And that was our trip! After the moma we drove 6 hours home. We were exhausted when we got home, but Clarke took yesterday off work, so he got to relax and catch up on his sleep too.

Overall it was such a fun trip. We were so busy, but we got to see and do so much. We loved NYC!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New York, Part 1

We are back from NYC!

We packed a lot into the three days we were there. We drove up Saturday, and once we were settled in the hotel room, we headed off to a hockey game.
We took the train into Long Island. It was very confusing to say the least. Figuring out which track, and which train to take was hard, but we made it there.
The game was really fun. Clarke has wanted to go to a NHL game since his childhood, and the New York Islanders were one of his favorite teams.
Us at the game. (We are getting good at taking pictures of ourselves!)

We got back late Saturday night, and had a late start Sunday heading into Manhattan. The first thing on our itinerary........
Broadway!! Clarke's boss got us amazing seats (5th row center, we were soo close). I have always loved the music in this show, so I was very excited when I found out he got us tickets. It was such a great musical, I absolutely loved it!
After the show we walked around Times Square for a bit. Then headed to dinner.
We ate at Sardi's, which was really good. Someone had recommended this place to us, and we were glad we went. The atmosphere was really neat, they had caricatures of famous people everywhere.
Afterwards we headed over to the Rockefeller Center. We really wanted to see it decorated for Christmastime. It was really crowded, so we didn't stay long, but I'm glad we got to see it.

We ended the night by walking up Fifth Avenue, enjoying all the window displays. They were amazing, my pictures don't do them justice.
My favorite was Saks Fifth Avenue. They moved, reminded me of something you would see at Disney World.

We crashed at our hotel, got a good nights sleep, and i'll post the rest tomorrow!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day!

I walked into bible study last night and someone said "lucky you, no school tomorrow!" I didn't believe them at first. I couldn't remember a time when they called off school before it even snowed.

This is my first official snow day as a school employee. So I stayed up late last night, and slept in this morning. Also spent some time writing some blog posts (which I will post soon) and plenty of time hanging out with Betty.
Clarke came home early from work today, and we went on a walk.
The park by our house. I go running on this trail a lot.

Now I am waiting to see if I will have to go in tomorrow or not. And as I type this I see school is closed again tomorrow! I guess I am officially on winter break now.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Love

Things I am currently loving about Christmas.......
This house on the Tacky Light Tour which is in our neighborhood. I just love coming home and driving by it.
Setting up the Christmas houses with my mom. A tradition that started when I was younger and still look forward to every year.
Christmas Cookies!! The PTA at the school where I work brought in cookies for everyone to take home. There were six tables in the library filled with cookies.
Christmas decorations! I got this garland and wreath last year on my birthday (the day after Christmas) at Pottery Barn, and couldn't wait to use them.

While I'm on the topic of things I am loving I must share......
Richmond is geting a Hobby Lobby!!!! I have heard amazing things about this store from you fellow bloggers, and can't wait to go when it opens!! It is actually kinda funny because the local scrapbooking store just went out of business, and although I got a bunch of stuff for cheap, it makes me sad. I have been shopping there since I started scrapbooking almost ten years ago. So I guess this is one of those times when God brings something to an end, but starts something new. Anyways, I'm very excited about the new store.

There it is, Christmas and Crafty love.