Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun weekend welcoming the unofficial start of summer. Aunt Melanie came into town and we went to pick strawberries Saturday morning. 
I wasn't sure how Chloe would do, or if she would be interested, but she was really into it, picking the strawberries and helping carry the bucket. We got a ton and made all kinds of yummy desserts.
The rest of the weekend we just relaxed. Pulled out the pink pool and Chloe loved it same as last year. 
We also washed our cars which Chloe loved. Ended the weekend sitting on the couch with dad eating watermelon in our cat bathing suite which she refused to take off.
Hope y'all had a great holiday weekend too!! Welcome Summer! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Yesterday we headed down to Charlotte for the day. It's a little over an hour drive, and the only time we've ever been is to Ikea and the airport, so it was time to change that. 
 We started with lunch at a place a friend recommended, Pike's Soda Shop. It was really good. Then it was off to the park, Chloe's favorite part, as always. 
We found King of Pops, which was perfect for a sunny day. I got the raspberry lime and Clarke got the blueberry lemon. Chloe ended up eating most though. They were delicious!
We had other things planned, but ended up heading home after strolling around uptown a bit. With no nap and a late night (thanks to our community group cookout) the night before Chloe was done. We definitely want to go back, lots more restaurants to try out! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

We headed up to Richmond for Mother's Day this year. It was a quick trip but I got to see some friends as well. We did the typical mothers day thing, went to church, then brunch. Chloe got really fussy after church so we almost didn't go, but once she got some of her favorite chocolate milk things turned around. 
 I told Chloe the only thing I wanted from her on Mother's day was a picture of the three of us, finally got it.
Clarke kept Chloe in the afternoon so mom and me could go see a movie. I think it had been over a year since I'd seen a movie in the real theater, so it was a special treat! Overall it was a fun day, glad I got to be with my mom this year. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015


We kicked off this month we some park time. Saturday was gorgeous so we headed over to Tanglewood. Chloe was all about the big slide with the tunnel. 
We brought a picnic to eat, then spent some time walking around. I think the golf course was Chloe's favorite, she didn't want to leave.
Today we went to church and Chloe actually let me take her picture before.
Afterwards we got brunch at one of our favorite places, The Porch. We ate outside and it was so nice to let Chloe just run around while waiting for our food. I meant to take a picture of our food before we ate, but totally forgot until about half way through, oh well. 

Hope y'all had a good weekend too!