Sunday, September 29, 2013

OBX 2013 Recap

Every year we go to the Outer Banks. It's nice to have a place where you know your way around, know where to shop, eat, etc. We came this year from the west, instead of the north which was kinda weird. We got to see a very different part of North Carolina as we came in through Manteo, it was neat though. I will say it took longer which was a bummer but what can ya do? 
We loved where we stayed this year, Southern Shores. So convenient to everything. It only rained one day which was a great excuse to go to the outlets anyways. 
Had to eat at Sam and Omie's, our favorite restaurant. Got our first family photo there too. 
Went to the Elizabethan Gardens...
and despite all our years going here it was our first time going to the aquarium
The hot tub may have been my favorite thing. We even turned the temp down and let Chloe get in, she loved it too!
We went to the Currituck Lighthouse, and climbed to the top. It was a gorgeous day. 
We even got a date night! Tale of the Whale was the perfect spot. 
So thankful for time to relax with family. Until next year...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

OBX Photo Dump: Chloe

We had such a great time this past week in the Outer Banks with Clarke's family. We had plenty of sunshine, great company and time to relax and enjoy one of our favorite vacation spots. Of course I took a ton of pictures of Chloe. 
She is one baby who is photographed a lot! She has really gotten used to it, which I love because I love taking her picture.
We went to the Elizabethan Gardens one day. One of Clarke's favorites, and of course plenty of opportunities for more pictures.
Even had to take her picture while out to lunch! Just can't help myself and those big blue eyes. Up next I'll post more about our trip!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Low Key Weekend

We spent this past weekend not doing too much, which was exactly what we needed. After traveling so much it was nice to stay put. 
Saturday we went to this little art festival in one of our favorite parts of town. I hafta add the weather has been so nice here this weekend. I can tell fall is on the way!
We went to church this morning and Chloe has been playing with some new toys. 

We also went house hunting which was very disappointing. I haven't updated about the housing situation on here recently because not much has been going on, except for looking. Lots of searching the internet, driving by, and looking but nothing seems to fit our needs in the area we want. Just trying to trust that God has the right home out there for us. He is definitely working in my heart as we wait.

Friday, September 13, 2013


As many of you know we spent the last couple days in Destin, Florida. Man it was beautiful. Really I forgot how different the beaches are on the gulf side of Florida. The fine, white sand and clear blue water, so nice. 
We went for a trucking conference for Clarke's work. I actually got to learn a little about the trucking industry, kinda neat, but really I was excited about taking Chloe to the beach and pool.
And our room was pretty nice too. It had these cute little bunk beds tucked away in a cozy corner, and the best part, an ocean view!
Of course Chloe has a great time too. She loves the sand and water.

One fun thing we got to do was go inside a truck. This thing was huge on the inside, and so many gauges and gadgets. 
I feel very blessed that we got to go to this event. It was fun being apart of Clarke's daily life at work, getting a glimpse into it. The ocean was so nice and once again it was great to get away for a little bit.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chloe's First Plane Ride

When we decided to go to Destin, Florida we knew we would have to fly. I was a little nervous about flying with a 10 month old, but after lots of research and planning I knew we could do it. So last Sunday Chloe took her first plane ride. I must say she did great!
Flying with a baby was kinda nice. You get to go to the front of the security line and board the plane before anyone else. I also thought it was interesting to see how they tested the vapors on her baby food to make sure they were okay, kinda neat. 
Chloe's favorite thing was the brochures in the front pockets. She loved pointing at all the pictures and throwing them on the ground. And when she did get fussy puffs or her dried fruit snacks kept her happy. Really the girl probably gained 5 pounds on this trip from all the snacks on the plane! 
I will say she did have a little break down on the flight back into Charlotte coming home. Of course our flight was delayed and it was getting close to her bedtime. But I don't blame her, I was ready to be off the plane too!
Chloe also took her first taxi cab ride on this trip too. Although shortly after this picture was taken she fell asleep. Happy to know she travels so well, looking forward to many more plane rides in her future! Up next: our time in Destin which was so wonderful. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 months

Dear Chloe,
A couple days ago while we were in Florida you turned 10 months old. Hard to believe how close you are to being a year old. You have started doing lots of new things this month. You love to point. You point at anything that interests you, buttons, a picture in a book, a freckle, really anything. You also started clapping your hands this month. You will feed yourself sometimes, you mostly pick up your food and throw it on the floor though. Your standing has gotten better, I can tell you are getting more confident. A few days ago you started scooting backwards too.

You wear size 6 months, 9 months and some 12 months depending on the brand. Most of your 6-12 month clothes are still a little big. You still wear size 2 diapers. Your hair continues to grow thicker and longer. If I don't comb it a couple times a day it gets so knotty. Your eyes are still that beautiful blue.

You scared me this month when you broke out in hives. Not sure if it was the soybean in your baby food, but it was bad. You didn't seem to mind though, you were still smiling and laughing. Besides that experience trying new foods has been great. You are such a good eater. This month you tried egg, cheese, tomatoes, peaches, chicken, risotto, and while in Florida you even had crab cakes and loved them. You love everything I give you! You still nurse 4 times a day.

You finally said momma this month! You don't know what it means but I love it. You love to babble and laugh and smile. You are such a friendly baby, and very well behaved. While we were on this last trip whether on the plane, at diner or around the hotel people would come up to me and say how good you were. Someone said you were an angel,  I agree.

You still nap twice a day for an hour each. You sleep 11 hours at night. You wake up only once now, and a pacifier normally does the trick to put you back down. How far you have come from those first months!

I love you so much sweet girl. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.
Love always,
I must add this "photo shoot" was the hardest! You wanted to eat the camera and when I wouldn't let you you got mad.  I can't believe how much you look like a little girl in this picture as well. I am getting a glimpse into your future, less baby everyday. But you are beautiful. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day, My Foot and Running

Saturday morning I had my training run, and it reminded me of one reason I love it so much. I love exploring and seeing different parts of the city. When I was training in Richmond I saw so many fun and neat parts I had never seen before and I lived there for so long. Now that I'm new in Winston it's great to do it again. We ran by Graylyn ManorReynolda Gardens, and some of Wake Forest. It was beautiful, of course I had to ask where are we? I think my group is getting used to me always asking that question!
Graylyn Manor, Source

My right foot had been bothering me for some time now. Of course I kept putting off going to the doctor. Partly because it's a pain with a baby and partly because I was afraid he would tell me to stop running. I finally went, got x-rays and thankfully it's not a stress fracture. I just have flat feet, I pronate when I run and Chloe probably changed my foot when I was pregnant with her. I got new shoes with special inserts and kept icing it. I am so happy that I think it's back to normal. No more pain after I run, which is such a blessing! When I thought I might not be able to run anymore I was so upset. This experience has definitely made me thankful for the ability to run and I never want to forget that. 

We had a great Labor Day weekend in Richmond. It was really low key, which we both needed. I got to see my girlfriends which is always the best. My mom babysat Chloe in the morning and after nursing her I got to go back to sleep, which never happens and was such a treat. Of course Chloe got a shopping trip to Gymboree too. I didn't take any pictures except this one I was going to Instagram then forgot.
One of the great meals my mom made us while staying with her! 

So this post was a bit random but that is about all that has been going on here. Life is about to get crazy, going to Destin for a conference for Clarke's work, and family vacation in the OBX later this month too. All good stuff we are really looking forward to!