Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Catch Up

I've gotten so bad at blogging about the little things in life recently. I love to remember all the fun trips we've been on and big events but sometimes its the little things like a low key weekend at home that make such great memories too. 
Saturday was beautiful. It was sunny and warm and we really enjoyed it. Went to a new place we've never been before to eat some pizza out on the patio, then to a park to play. 
Sunday we volunteered in our church's nursery. Chloe found this car and was loving it. It was so cute to watch!
We got lunch with some people from our church afterwards. Sunday turned out to be a rainy day so naps for everyone was in order. We also started working on our media wall in the den. We are both really excited about it. I'll post pictures when we finish soon. Thankful for fun weekends with my family. Life is good. 

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