Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Baltimore Weekend

September is a busy month for us, we started it out flying up to visit my dad in Baltimore. 
Chloe did so well on the flight up. Lots of snacks and a Daniel Tiger episode I recently downloaded were to thank. (The way back the flight was delayed along with no nap it wasn't as good, oh well.)
Chloe loved exploring everything. Last time we were here she wasn't mobile yet, so it was very different.
I remember coming to this park when I was pregnant. It was on the way to a baseball game and we just passed through quickly, but I vividly remember thinking how fun it looked and how one day my baby would get to play here. It really was like coming full circle to see Chloe play here. 
Saturday morning we went to the National Aquarium in the inner harbor. Chloe loved it. 
Right when we walked in there were these huge tubes of water. Chloe was enthralled, I had to pull her away to see the real exhibits. 
After lunch and nap we ventured back out. I thought going on the water taxi would be so much fun, her first boat ride. But with a toddler who won't sit down and trying to jump into the water, not so much.
So we got off and got a snow cone. 
Later on we got on the carousel. She absolutely loved it.
Sunday morning I got up and went for a run. In all my years of visiting my dad I've never actually gone for a run in the harbor. So glad I got to because it was beautiful. 
We ended our trip with a picnic at Fort McHenry. It was all ready for the big 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner.
This was a lengthy post, but we did a lot in those 3 days! :)

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