Sunday, May 17, 2015


Yesterday we headed down to Charlotte for the day. It's a little over an hour drive, and the only time we've ever been is to Ikea and the airport, so it was time to change that. 
 We started with lunch at a place a friend recommended, Pike's Soda Shop. It was really good. Then it was off to the park, Chloe's favorite part, as always. 
We found King of Pops, which was perfect for a sunny day. I got the raspberry lime and Clarke got the blueberry lemon. Chloe ended up eating most though. They were delicious!
We had other things planned, but ended up heading home after strolling around uptown a bit. With no nap and a late night (thanks to our community group cookout) the night before Chloe was done. We definitely want to go back, lots more restaurants to try out! 

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