Thursday, May 18, 2017

16 months

Luke, how are you 16 months already? 
You got tubes put in your ears a few weeks ago. I hope they help with all the ear infections! 
You are such a happy boy, still easy going too. You love music, your blue blanket, applesauce pouches, eating anything, your big sister, running, getting into the trash can, playing with cars, balls and animals. Seriously, you love the neighbors cats and dogs! Being outside is your favorite, you will bring me your shoes all.the.time. wanting to go out. 
You are a big boy! At your 15 month wellness check up you were 95th percentile for height, 33inches tall, and 90th for weight, 27 pounds. You still got those adorable chunky cheeks. 
We love you so much baby Luke, yes we still call you that. 
You are saying all kinds of new words! Your favorite is uh-oh when you drop something, most of the time on purpose. You definitely let me know when you are unhappy about something now.
We love you so much sweet boy!! Happy 16 months!

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