Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Florida in February

We've been back from our trip to Florida for awhile, but I'm finally posting about it. It was so nice to take a break from winter and go down to where it was so warm and sunny. It was surreal being able to swim and wear flip flops after coming from the cold!
I seriously couldn't get over how cute Chloe looked in her new bathing suite and matching swim cap. So many people gave her compliments too.
The whole reason we came was to see my dad. He is officially a snowbird now. Since he works from home he decided he was done with winter and rented a place in Pompano Beach, Florida. His place has a nice pool and it was right on the  beach, we definitely enjoyed it!
We spent most of the time at the pool, beach or a park but one day we did go to Butterfly World. Chloe loved it once she woke up from her nap.
We ended up staying an extra day because our flight back to Charlotte got canceled. Clarke's office ended up closing too so it worked out well.
One funny story from the trip, at first Chloe hated the sand. Like screaming in the above picture, hated it. We kept working at it and by the last day she was playing in it. She loved it so much she decided to eat it while we weren't watching. I wonder next time we go to the beach if she'll love it or hate it?
I'll also add last year she wouldn't wear her sunglasses at all. This time she would actually wear them for a little while, at least long enough for a picture. 

While we were ready to come home it was like culture shock. We left from the sunny warm beach to mounds of snow. But we were thankful for the little break we got, and glad that spring is so close!

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