Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Randoms

We've had such a great weekend. I must say Chloe has slept so well these past few nights. I don't know what it is, but last night she slept for 14 hours straight! I woke up at 8am and was a little scared, went in to check on her and she was just sleeping sucking on her paci. Couldn't believe it.

Saturday morning I officially started training for the Raleigh half in April. It was so great to see all my running buddies and run a familiar route again. 6 miles in the cold, but it didn't feel that cold. No wind or rain so it was all good. Ready to get back to consistently running!

My big project this weekend was hanging curtains up in the den, study and dinning room. I got curtains for the den from Ikea when I went with my mom about a month ago.
Not the best picture, but you can see they are gray. I wanted something pretty neutral.
Dinning room still has no furniture, but I love how the curtains look.
Same curtains and rods in the study. These curtains were actually table cloths from Target that my mom cut in half and hemmed. They were so much more affordable than "real" curtains at such a long length. 
Close up of the rods. I got the rods at the UFab outlet by my mom's house on sale, really love them. It's amazing how curtains make your house feel so much more cozy and homey. 

The weather was so nice today. Felt like Spring! We went for a nice long walk.

We've been watching the super bowl tonight. I tried to get a good picture of Chloe in her chair watching the game so I could compare to last year. It was a lot harder this year with an active toddler.

Hope you had a great weekend too!!

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