Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Week in Richmond

Me and Chloe rode back to Richmond with my mom after the long fourth of July weekend. We loved being able to see so many friends and family while there. 
We went to our favorite pool at The Dominion Club, went out to lunches and shopping.
Chloe was enamored with the fountain at Short Pump Town Center.
I wanted to take Chloe to Maymont on Saturday. When we got there after nap, lunch, etc. we saw it was closing early for an event. We tried to make the most of our time, taking pictures and seeing some goats.
The only down part to the trip was when my mom got bit by her cat our first day there. It was bad, but after a few days she was fine, couldn't go back to work so we got some extra time with her.

Since moving away I really love coming back to Richmond, and really treasure my time with the people I love there. I def. don't take it for granted. 

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