Saturday, January 3, 2015


Just getting around now to update about our Christmas this year. Don't want to forget all the fun we had celebrating!
We decided to do Christmas eve in Winston just our family of three. We went to our church's service and really enjoyed it to say the least.
After attending the first service me and Clarke helped in the toddler room. Chloe enjoyed the snacks of course.
 Speaking of snacks, Christmas morning Chloe wasn't really interested in her stocking, so I told her there was snacks inside, she said "I want snacks!" 
I gave Chloe my old Bitty Baby, she wasn't too interested. I think her favorite gift from us was the Hello Kitty stickers and notebook. After presents and breakfast we loaded up the car and headed up to Richmond. 
Opened up more presents with grandparents and aunts/uncles. Chloe had the best time. I must say the thing we were most looking forward to on Christmas day was my mom's cooking. We missed it at Thanksgiving so it was extra special to sit down and enjoy it with family at Christmas.
It was a great Christmas. I'll be back soon to update about the rest of our trip to Richmond. 

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