Monday, February 16, 2015

Road Trip South

We just got back from 8 days on the road. Visiting my dad in Florida and one night in Savannah, we traveled over 1600 miles, but had a great time. 
We spent most days just playing on the beach or in the pool. Chloe loved it, today she put on her sunglasses and asked to go to the beach. I told her it's going to snow instead, ha.
Sunday we had a big cookout, and all my family on my dad's side came down, as well as my grandpa (mom's dad). It was so great seeing everyone. It was also Chloe's first time meeting some.
One day we walked down to the water fountains/splash park. Chloe loved playing in the water.
Another day I tried paddle boarding. I have wanted to try it for a few years now, and they were renting them right by my dad's place so I thought why not? It was really really fun. At first I fell off but after about 10 or 15 minutes I got the hang of it. Of course the next day I was sore, but I would definitely do it again.
We definitely enjoyed the sunshine, warm weather and family. Made the 12 hour car ride down worth it. Side note: Chloe did great in the car. I was really nervous about it, but with the help of Daniel Tiger episodes and some snacks we made it. 

I'll post more about the trip soon!!

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