Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The past week has been a whirlwind for sure. I'm finally coming up for air so I thought I would jot down some memories before I forget.....

We had lots of goodbyes to say. For only being in Winston for 2 years we made some pretty great friendships, and that was the hardest part of it all. 
I got to have lunch with my dear friend Charise. We actually only met in September when they moved here from Arizona but we quickly bonded.  She gave me the sweetest gift, which totally made me cry because it's true. It says "life takes you to unexpected places, but love brings you home." We never expected to move to a new state, but love definitely brought us back. 
We had our last playdate with Beth and Sophia. Chloe has loved playing with Sophia, they brought her the cutest stuffed bear too. 
Later that night we went to dinner with our community group from church. They got us this cake, and  all the sweet things they said about us really brought tears to my eyes. These people have shared in our struggles and joys and it's been an honor to be apart of their lives as well. 
And our last goodbye, which was with our first friends me and Chloe ever made in Winston, Kelli and Olivia. 
These two met when they were 9 months old. We had joined a mom's group online, desperate to make friends and we did. I have loved watching them grow and play together.  

Besides the goodbyes it was a lot of packing and cleaning the house. We are glad to be settled here in Richmond for now. Until our house sells we are staying with my mom, and are grateful. 

It's hard to believe that chapter of my life is over. When we moved we weren't sure if it would be forever or temporary. We definitely thought we would be there longer than 2 years, but God had other plans. 

So here's to the next phase....back in Richmond!!

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