Sunday, June 7, 2015


2 years ago today we finished packing up our home in Richmond. As a brand new family we took the biggest risk of our married lives so far, we moved to a new state where we knew absolutely no one. We learned how to be a family and what it meant to truly rely on each other and God. Chloe has lived here the majority of her life. We helped start a new church (probably the best thing we did here). I became confident in myself not only as a mother but a runner as well (thank you hills). We made friendships and memories and learned we can be happy anywhere.

And that is why it is so bittersweet to begin this process again. The process of going home. 

Clarke accepted a job offer in Richmond and we leave at the end of the month. We are beyond excited to be going home. To be closer to family and childhood friends who we miss so much. Chloe will get to see her grandparents more and that makes my heart happy. Richmond really is home and we are ready to be back, but we are so thankful for our time in Winston-Salem. 

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