Sunday, January 3, 2016

37 Weeks...Full Term!

How Far Along: 37 weeks, officially full term! Now he's just putting on weight, 2 weeks to go.

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a winter melon. 

Weight Gain: Ugh, about 26, already more than with Chloe, he is definitely bigger. 

Maternity Clothes: Yup, only a few pajama or sweatpants that are non maternity fit me now. 

Gender: Boy! 

Movement: So much!

Sleep: Not so great anymore. So uncomfortable it's hard to fall asleep. 

Symptoms: My skin has been so dry from winter and hormones. I hate to complain, but it's been really bothering me. My hands and feet are swollen, acid reflux, and my back hurts. He's also moved down some more so there's a lot of pressure. Can you tell I'm done?

Food Cravings: This past week I've been craving cranberry juice. But for most of this pregnancy I'd say it has been coffee and bagels. 

What I Miss: Just having my body back. I feel extremely pregnant and it just makes everything harder. 

Best Moment This Week: Enjoying Christmas. That was last week, but it was so fun watching Chloe open her gifts and just thinking next year we will be a family of four.

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