Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Luke's First Week: Photo Dump

Thought I would post some pictures from Luke's first week. So far he is a very happy baby! We had some trouble with figuring out the whole nursing thing, almost didn't get to leave the hospital because he lost 10% of his birthweight. But, once he figure it out he is quite the good eater now!
Big sister Chloe loves to snuggle! 
He also experienced his first blizzard. I brought him out for a few minutes to get some pictures. Overall he wasn't too impressed, ha!
On a side note, big sister Chloe loved the snow.
Of course he rocked his first monogram!
And he got his first bath, which he was not a fan of.
So far, for a newborn, he is a good sleeper. The past couple nights he's been giving me 2, four hour stretches in between night feedings. I'm hoping he will continue to sleep well. 

It's amazing how much can change in just one week. We are so in love and we really feel like this sweet baby boy completes our family, it's such a great feeling. 

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