Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Luke's Birth Story

I had a scheduled c section planned for Monday, January 18th at 8am a few months before his actual birthday. It was weird knowing his birthday so long before it actually arrived, there was no mystery or guessing. I also really loved it. I'm such a planner, so it was nice to coordinate when my mom and Clarke would take off work, other family and friends could plan as well.
We left the house at 5:30am, to St. Mary's for me to get prepped. I got my fluids, iv started, and got ready for the surgery. It was weird walking into the operating room, so different than with Chloe. Snapped this last belly picture before walking into the labor delivery unit.

The c section didn't take very long, they gave me the spinal tap and shortly after Luke was here! Unfortunately the same thing happened that did with Chloe, my uterus wouldn't contract. They tried different medicines, but after nothing working, they put the bakri balloon in. I'm very thankful it worked again. I did get to do skin to skin for awhile, but it was really awkward.
They brought me back into our room, Luke was already there. I found out he was 8 pounds 5 ounces, I couldn't believe how big he was! I remember being cold, I snuggled him and the skin to skin regulated my temperature almost right away. It's so amazing. 
We had lots of visitors that afternoon. I just love this picture of Chloe and Luke, so sweet. 
Our first picture as a family of four!!
The following days we had more visitors, we felt so loved and supported.
We were lucky to go home the day before the blizzard hit. It really was perfect timing.
We got all ready for the big storm at home. The next day he had his first doctor's appointment, and the snow started falling just as we made our way back home. My mom got some extra days off from work, it really worked out so well. 

I feel so blessed when I look back on our time at the hospital, and his birth. I love being his mommy, and almost as soon as he was born I felt complete. I know it sounds weird, but it just felt like it was meant to be, and he was God's plan. 

I'm thankful for my doctor, who knew what to do when my uterus wasn't doing what it was suppose to, the caring nurses who took such great care of us and a great support system, many who brought us food so we didn't have to eat the not so great hospital food!  

So that's his story!!

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