Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chloe's Birth, Part 1

We checked into the labor and delivery unit at the hospital Wednesday around 6 pm, November 7th to get the cervidil (a drug to soften my cervix and get ready to be induced because I was only 2 cm dilated). I posted about that here. We were both so excited and nervous.
Here I am before going to sleep that night. I had to stay in the hospital with the drug in my cervix and they monitored me and Chloe all night. 
Clarke slept on a pull out chair right beside me. I didn't sleep that great, being in a strange place and the anticipation of the next day. Thursday morning they took the cervidil out and checked me. I hadn't dilated anymore, but my cervix was softer. They gave me pitocin to start contractions around 9 am and around 10 am I started to feel them. I knew I wanted an epidural but I really wanted to make it to 5 cm before I got it. I spent all day in labor trying different positions they talked about in my birth class to get Chloe to move down more and to get my cervix to dilate. 
Every time they checked me I got so emotional, it hurt and I wasn't making that much progress. Around 6 pm I was only at 3 cm dilated and I was exhausted. I couldn't wait anymore so I got the epidural. Getting the epidural didn't hurt at all, and they were so sweet to let both Clarke and my mom stay in the room while they administered it. Most of the time they only let one person stay. I felt so much better and I remember watching Glee that night. 

That's all I'll do for now, up next another full day of labor.

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