Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Last Saturday

 Depending when our little girl decides to make her grand entrance, this might be the last Saturday me and the hubs spend just the two of us for awhile. We decided to head down to Carytown, a cute little street that has local shops and restaurants near the city, and do some shopping and have lunch. 
He had been wanting to try this Mexican restaurant, Don't Look Back for awhile so we got lunch there. As a suggestion from a friend we got the nachos and they were really good! 

I also found a Christmas dress for our baby girl. I had been looking for awhile and was so excited when I found it at one of my favorite shops. 
All I need now is a cute little bow to go with it!!

I'm glad we got one more day together, but now I feel even more ready for her to come! We said it's crazy to think that by this time next week we will be parents. So crazy, but wonderful. 


mail4rosey said...

I'm visiting from the hop. The dress is precious. I think you're right a bow would complete the look. :)

rebecca said...

That dress is simply adorable. It looks just like the little Christmas dress I got when my daughter had her first Christmas. So cute!! Crossing my fingers for you. We are right near each other with the due date and I am wishing you luck and that baby comes soon!