Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chloe's Birth, Part 2

Thursday night was spent trying to get some rest but it was difficult. Every hour they came and flipped me to change sides to try to get Chloe to move down more. I woke up Friday morning feeling okay but I was so ready to meet Chloe. They checked me and the actual check was so much better because I couldn't feel it. I had only gotten to 4 cm I think I cried again. 

A couple hours went by and I finally felt hungry. I hadn't eaten a real meal since Thursday morning, depending on the nurse I had they let me eat ice chips, popsicles and jello. They decided to turn off the pitocin and then restart it to try to get things moving again. It worked, at the next check I was at 8 cm dilated! I was sooooo excited. My doctor said she would be here before sundown! I must say that although I didn't want to wait another whole day to have this baby I was happy that it worked out that my doctor got to be there for the birth. She wasn't at this hospital the day before so that was one positive about being in labor for 2 days! 

At my next check I was at 9.5 cm, so close. A couple hours went by and at the next check, still 9.5 cm dilated. For some reason my body couldn't get past 9.5 cm and Chloe wasn't coming down any further. I was stuck, we started to talk about the possibility of a c-section. I remember just crying, I had been through so much the past 2 days and nights to prepare for a vaginal birth, a c-section was the last thing I wanted. They went ahead and booked the operating room as the nurse, my mom and Clarke tried to calm me down. I must say the nurses and doctors at this hospital were just so great. 

My doctor checked me one last time before they prepped me for the surgery. Still no change. They wheeled me into the operating room and I remember being so cold. I was shaking, they said it was a side effect from the epidural. I was so uncomfortable at this point after having this epidural in for almost 24 hours. They let my mom and Clarke be in the room for the c-section, which normally they only let one person in. Once again this hospital was so great. 

I'll finish the rest of the story tomorrow, there is still a lot left!!

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Melissa said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that labor only to wind up with a c-section. How frustrating! Of course all that matters is that Chloe got her safely and you're both healthy, but I would have cried in your position too.

I was not a fan of the epidural shakes. Worth it to feel no pain, but I didn't like having no control over my body like that.