Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MOPS and Kindermusik

When Chloe was first born I was so busy learning how to take care of her and just adjusting to being a new mom that our days were pretty full. I knew after the holidays I would be ready to start doing other things and I would need to get out of the house more. So besides going to the gym or taking a walk around the neighborhood we have started doing some new things! 

I have started going to MOPS on Friday mornings. It alternates between weekly meetings and bible study. So far I have really enjoyed it. It's been such a great place for me to meet other stay at home moms with young children. 

Today we went to our first Kindermusik class. I didn't even know Richmond had a music studio that offered these classes until I saw it in Living Social. I had heard great things about it and today we definitely weren't disappointed. Chloe had such a great time, it was really cute. She is so much more aware of what is going on around her now, she just took all the other babies, music and instruments in. I love how the instructor explains how the different movements or finding the steady beat helps with their development and learning. 
I took this picture of her right before we left for music class, I thought she looked so cute!

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Melissa said...

I'm so glad you joined both of these groups! Our MOPS/bible study meets on Wednesdays and I've really enjoyed it so far!

I think Chloe is at the perfect age to start Kindermusik! As you know, Landon started around 3.5 months and he's now 20 months and still loves it. It's such a great thing for babies and Landon just adores dancing, singing, and playing with his instruments because of this class. As she gets older it will be more and more fun for you to watch her! What class are you guys doing? We're doing a Family Time this year twice a week and last year we did a Family Time and a Village class.