Thursday, June 13, 2013

7 months

Dear Chloe,
Last week you turned 7 months old. On that day we moved to  North Carolina and you became a Carolina girl!

You are so active now. You reach for everything in sight and most of it goes into your mouth. You love playing in your exersaucer now, especially the music on it. Your feet finally touch the ground too. You are very verbal too, you love saying "dadada" all the time. You can almost sit up on your own, sometimes you do but then eventually you fall over. This month we have brought you to the pool and you love it. You splash and kick your legs, and I will also add, look adorable in your bathing suite.

This month you have started eating solid foods. You are a really good eater. You eat a lot of avocados, oatmeal, and rice cereal but baby yogurt is probably your favorite. We just tried peas, broccoli and carrots and you seem to like them too. When I put on your bib now you kick your feet so hard and smile, I think you know food is coming and you get so excited! You now nurse 4 times a day instead of 5. You also love to drink water out of your sippy cup, or any water bottle really. You grab for it and pull it towards your mouth.

Since you started solids you have really grown. Your thighs are chunky and soooo cute. You wear 3-6 month clothing now. Your hair continues to get thicker, and your eyes are still a pretty blue. Still no teeth!

I am happy to say nighttime is getting better. The last 3 nights you have gone all night without nursing once. This is a HUGE milestone for you! You still wake up but if you are rocked or given your paci you go back down. This gives me hope that you will sleep through the night soon.

When we go out people still come up to me and say how beautiful you are. You are such a happy baby.  You love exploring this world around you and discovering new things. Whether its a sound or a new toy you just love to figure it out.

I love being your mommy. I love you so much sweet girl and I can't wait to see what this next month brings for you.
Love always,

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