Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life Here

Here is a random post about life here in Winston-Salem, a brain dump if you will.

I really really really love Harris Teeter. Clarke keeps laughing at me when I talk about how great it is because, I know, it's just a grocery store. But they seriously have all my favorite foods in one place! In Richmond I would have to go to 2 or 3 different stores to find my favorite tea, hummus, Kashi bars and  yogurt. But Harris Teeter has them all, and more. The best part is it's not too expensive like a lot of nicer grocery stores in Richmond. 

I love that Clarke gets off work an hour earlier than he used to. We've been able to go do stuff when he gets home from work which is so nice. We love the greenways here, which are basically trails. My favorite so far is Muddy Creek Greenway. Something about the views reminds me of Harrisonburg, it's so relaxing. I can't wait to go run here.

Speaking of running, yesterday I signed up for a half marathon training program here! I was searching online for running stores and races here and found Fleet Feet. It's a local running store (like Road Runners for all my Richmond running friends) and they have so many different training programs. From a beginner 5k program to marathon training. I asked them about the program and it seems very similar to the marathon training program I did in Richmond back in 2011 and absolutely loved. I figured I don't have any excuses since Clarke already said he would watch Chloe Saturday mornings for me to train. Originally I had planned on doing the half training team in Richmond with my favorite running buddy (Hi Emily!) and since we learned we would be moving I didn't know if I would still be able to do it. I knew I couldn't train on my own after my brief hiatus from running during pregnancy and commuting to Richmond to train every Saturday just seems like too much. But, the best part of it all: I'm still going to run The Richmond Half Marathon on November 16th!! I couldn't believe this training team was for my hometown! I love that I'm so familiar with the course already! 

Here is a picture of our fireplace. I'll post more house pics soon (for you Rachel!)  It's my favorite part about our new home. I've always wanted a fireplace, not to actually use, although that will be nice in the fall, but just to decorate! I love walking in and seeing this focal point. I would love to buy a nice big mirror to put over it but I'm waiting until we actually buy a house. We signed a 6 month lease here so since we won't be here too long I'm hesitant to make a purchase not knowing if I can reuse it in the next place. 

I am loving the radio station K Love. It's a contemporary Christian station that I've heard great things about. I always wondered when people moved to Richmond why they would complain about not getting K Love there, now I get it. 

Chloe has her own bathroom in this new place! First I will say I am having so much fun finding towels and things for it. (I figure I can take everything with us to the next house, especially since having 2 full baths is a deal breaker for us now).  I love that we can just leave all her toys out too. She loves bath time now, she has come a long way from those first few months of hating it. 

I started using our cloth diapers again. I just had to stop when we started selling our house. I had no way of knowing when someone was coming to see the house, and couldn't have the diapers out drying. Then with moving it was just too much. But now that life has settled back down I am glad to be using them again. I really love how much money they save and they really are cute.

In an effort to be honest I must say not everything is roses and sunshine. While I do think I will enjoy living here it still doesn't feel like home, I know that just takes time. I still don't know many people and that's hard. We tried a new church Sunday morning that we both really liked, but it was so different walking into church and not having tons of people to talk to and catch up with. I keep getting emails from my old mom group and I long for that community here. 

And to end on a happy note, here is Chloe wearing her first t-shirt!! I remember when my friend (Hi Emily Lang!) brought this to me in the hospital after I had her, it looked so big. I can't believe it fits her now! Oh, and to go off on another tangent this girl has been sleeping so much better! I am starting to wonder if it was something about our old house, a noise or where the vent was, that was keeping her from sleeping so well. She still wakes up but hasn't nursed at night in over a week! This is a  HUGE milestone for us!! I am finally hopeful that she will sleep though the night sooner than later.


Jenn said...

She's adorable in that T-shirt! Glad to read that you're finding some 'happy' in your new town :)

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`¤... Jennifer
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rachel said...

I am so excited about my shout out! ( : I'm sure it will get rosier and sunnier as the time goes on. ( : Plus, I heard some cool kids were coming to visit you next week ( :