Friday, June 14, 2013

The Moving Post

I feels like we have been moving for forever, really it's been about a week of transitioning to North Carolina. It's been emotional, harder than I thought, easier than I thought and one word sums it up perfectly: bittersweet. 
I spent a lot of time last week packing up our house, Chloe enjoyed the bubble wrap. Ha! I also got to see my close friends and family one last time before leaving. I was so happy to get in one last run with my favorite running buddy. (Hi Emily!!) Although after our run in the rain was the first of many waves of sadness about leaving. 
Our house started to look like this. Piles and piles of stuff packed up everywhere. 
The movers came on Sunday morning. They packed up the kitchen for us and started to load the truck. I don't think it really hit me until Monday morning. We had planned to come to Winston-Salem Sunday after the truck had been loaded but it took the movers longer than we had anticipated. We stopped by the house Monday to grab a few more things from the fridge before leaving town. (We spent that night at my in-laws since our beds were on the truck) Seeing our home so bare was really hard. How could that house be so empty yet so full of memories? So many wonderful things have happened for our family in that house, it was really hard leaving.
This past week we have been settling into our new house. Both my in-laws and my mom came to help move us in. They were such a big help, watching Chloe, unpacking and really doing anything I needed. We are so lucky to have them! 
We keep saying that it feels like we are on vacation. Exploring this new city, finding our way around, and trying new restaurants. Wednesday we went to the pool with both the grandmas. I just love this bathing suite on Chloe, adorable! 

When my mom left it hit me again. Sometimes I feel like such a big baby! The farthest I've ever lived from her was 2 hours in college, now I am 4, which still isn't bad. 

I know it will take some time making this place our new home. I am happy to say that we are done unpacking. Since we didn't unpack anything from our attic, guest room and shed it didn't take too long. I changed my city on Facebook to Winston-Salem, NC today and that felt so weird! 

Hello next chapter of our lives. 

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