Monday, December 23, 2013

Catching Up: Home and Holidays

It's been over 2 weeks since I blogged and I'm going through withdrawal! I have been beyond busy moving into our new house, trying to enjoy the holidays and just daily life. I decided to do one big post to try to catch up on here!

I'll start by introducing you to our new house. We're in love. I never blogged about it because I wanted to be sure everything worked out, and after closing we were busy painting Chloe's room and moving lots of boxes. 
I am so happy to be settled though. A very tiny tiny part of me was sad to leave the rental house. It's where we started our new life here in Winston and where Chloe learned to crawl. But honestly I was happy to leave. It felt like we were in this transitional stage and I was over it. I was thankful for a safe place to live and a place for my family to call home for that time period. But, I'm smitten with our new house. Although our study currently looks likes this:
It's slowly coming along. I find myself during nap time trying to get as much done as possible. I have to remind myself it just takes time though. Here is a picture of the kitchen I took the day we decided to buy it, which is probably my favorite part of the house. 
And here is our little mud room. Organization built into the house=love. 
I will post more pictures when it comes together soon hopefully. 

This past weekend I traveled to Richmond for a very quick trip. I went for the night to celebrate Christmas with my best friends. It was the first time I left Chloe overnight, and I was so nervous. I felt really weird driving out of town without her, but she did great. I'm so lucky to have a supportive husband who realized how important this was to me.
I love these girls so much! There is nothing like enjoying a great meal (and drink) with people who have known you for forever. This is still one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

Speaking of Christmas and traditions this one has been and will be very different for us. We decided to stay here in Winston for a couple different reasons. We have been traveling so much to Richmond with Chloe and just got burnt out. I think it will be fun to have Christmas just the three of us in our new house, but it will be very different. We didn't get a tree this year which has been kinda hard. I love picking out our tree every year, and decorating it and enjoying it as we watch Christmas movies and throughout the season. But, after moving and just feeling overwhelmed with my to do list we decided not to this year. Unpacking more things and having to put them away again, to enjoy it for a little over a week, I just couldn't. It's starting to feel like something is missing, but I've been reminded of the real meaning of Christmas. It's not about trees and decorations and how many Christmas things we did together. It's about Jesus' birth and being with my family. I loved this post about Christmas not being perfect, and could really relate. 

Well, if your still reading this I'll end with saying while moving during the holidays is definitely not my favorite thing I am so thankful for a new permanent home here in Winston. It's finally starting to feel like home here in this new city. 

Be back soon for Christmas recap, my 30th birthday recap (still can't believe it's almost here) and more house photos! :)

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