Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Last Weekend

Happy April!! I'm super excited about all the fun things going on this month, and lots of visitors coming too! This past weekend was our last weekend without something planned until after the first weekend in May, so we didn't do much. 

I did run!! It was such a good run too. I'm running the Raleigh Rock n Roll Half Marathon on April 13th and I totally haven't been training well. Between the awful weather, Chloe being sick, and being gone a week for Florida and a week in Virginia I just haven't been motivated. I knew I needed one long run before and it was suppose to be this past Saturday. They were calling for rain. I went anyways and the rain held off, it drizzled some but it was warmer and actually really nice. My training team ran from Salem Lake and it turned out to be great. 
So my 12 miler is done and I'm excited about the race now. If I hadn't already paid for it I probably would have quit but I'm glad I stuck with it. 

Sunday we went to church and volunteered in the nursery. The Winston Salem dash came to church before service. Chloe was very curious. 
Of course Chloe was really into the car again. Thankful for a fun weekend with the family.

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