Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chloe Conversations

Time for another installment of Chloe Conversations! 

The other day we were playing in the front yard and Chloe found a stick. She was playing with it and having such a great time. She knows across the street our neighbors have a baby who she loves saying hi to. Their car rolls up and she knows the baby is inside. She starts yelling "Hey baby! I got a stick!" You probably had to be there to appreciate how funny it was, but it was hilarious. She kept saying "Hey baby! I got a stick!" She was so excited about that stick. 

Some other cute things she is saying:
Horses are called neigh neighs.
She calls her back pack her pack pack. 
Pizza is always said with an exclamation point, Pizza!!!!!!

Love to see how her language is developing. She knows almost all of her colors, but sometimes she mixes up purple with blue. Everyday she says a new word, and she repeats almost everything we say. 

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