Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Lost Get Found

I recently purchased Britt Nicole's newest cd because I absolutely love her song The Lost Get Found. When I was student teaching I think I listened to this song every morning on the way to school. It was inspiring, uplifting and I felt God really spoke to me through that song.

Hello my friend
I remember when you were
So alive with your wide eyes
Then the light that you had in your heart was stolen
Now you say that it ain't worth stayin'
You wanna run but you're hesitatin'
I'm talkin' to me
Don't let your lights go down
Don't let your fire burn out
somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe
Why don't you rise up now?
Don't be afraid to stand out
That's how the lost get found
The lost get found

I just love those lyrics, and her entire cd is great so far. I would definitely recommend it. Her other new song that they are playing on the radio, also on this cd, Walk on the Water is so inspiring as well. I think it really speaks to me about searching for a job, because honestly sometimes I do doubt if I will ever make it.

You look around
It's staring back at you
Another wave of doubt
Will it pull you under
You wonder
What if i'm overtaken
What if i never make it
What if no one's there?
Will you hear my prayer?
When you take that first step
Into the unknown
You know that he won't let you go
So what are you waiting for?
What do you have to lose?
Your insecurities try to alter you
You know you're made for more
So don't be afraid to move
Your faith is all
It takes in you
You can walk on the water too

Love it! I know with God I will find the perfect teaching job, and with God I will be successful at it.

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Pixel Perfect said...

I have heard this song before but had never taken the time to really listen to the words. I LOVE them! Thank you for sharing this!