Thursday, January 7, 2010


My 2010 Resolutions:

Be Healthier: When I take a look at my pantry, fridge and what I eat it is awful. The amount of fat, sugar, sodium, and high fructose corn syrup that I consume on a regular basis is embarrassing. I can't believe I don't weigh 500 pounds.

I need to drink more water and work out consistently also. I belong to a great gym, I need to use it more often.

Create More Art For Me: I love the creative process. I find it relaxing and it's a great healthy escape. I don't take enough time to create art for myself, or just for the purpose of making art. I recently signed up to take a class at The Visual Arts Center. I am really excited for it to start.

Break 100: This one is going to be tough. When I first started playing golf last spring I thought I could def. break 100, I was wrong. Golf is a challenging sport, but I am hoping my new clubs will help.

Quiet Times: I need to be more consistent about spending time with God in His word. Especially with the job search, I need all the truth and encouragement I can get.

Church: I want to get more involved with my church. I absolutely love my church, and feel so blessed to be apart of it. I know a lot of people struggle with finding the right church for them, and I know this is the right one for me. Last year me and my husband got more involved with Reach, a group for 20 somethings and the video skits. I want to get even more involved with our women's ministry and doing more planning with Reach.

Read More: Pretty self explanatory.

Job: I need to continue to do everything I possibly can to get a job as an art teacher. Keep on calling (which I hate doing), keep on praying, keep on searching and keep on trusting that God has something out there for me.

So there it is, my new years resolutions! God, Art, Job, Golf, Health. :)

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Jordan said...

Thanks for the comment! Those are great Resolutions! Good luck with them :)