Wednesday, February 17, 2010

House Update and Flashback

Me and Clarke finally got a realtor! It was a hard choice since both our mom's have friends who are realtors, but we decided and are so excited!

You would think the next hardest part would be finding our house, but it's not. It's finding a time when both of us can go look at them. Clarke works a regular 9 to 5 job, while I work randomly with a lot of Saturdays.

Here is a picture of my parent's first house on Dolphin Drive in Stuart City, Florida.
They did not have that huge boat in the front yard! Although I recently learned that we had a sailboat when I was too little to remember. Who knew?!

This is also the first house I ever lived in, as I was born just down the street from here.
Side entrabce to the house. My mom said it was a different color when they lived in it, I wanna say yellow? These pics were taken when I was in Florida about 2 years ago.

Can't wait to offically start house hunting!!

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