Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mountain Getaway Weekend, Part 2

posted the other day about our weekend in the mountains. Well, that Sunday we headed up 81 North to a city that holds a special place in my heart, Harrisonburg Va. I spent 5 great years of my life in this beautiful college town.

First we went to lunch at a favorite restaurant, Cally's.
So good! (It used to be Calhoun's for all you former JMUers, still just as great though.)
We walked around JMU, my alma mater. The quad has changed a lot since my last visit. New steps on the quad. Love how they frame Wilson.
New performing arts center, with tunnel under main street.

We decided to take the scenic drive home. It takes a little longer, but was worth the extra time. It was soo beautiful!
I know I already said this, but I love the mountains this time of year.

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In Every Season said...

So jealous! I haven't been back to JMU in years... I have got to do that!