Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello October

Hello October! It's so nice to see you!! I have been waiting for you to come and bring your cooler weather. I am very excited about you.
You are starting out on a good note. Tonight I am going to see Chuck Close at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Good thing I already got our tickets, it's sold out. He is an amazing artist. I still can't believe he is coming to Richmond, Va. Then we head off to the Outer Banks for a wedding.

I am also looking forward to a trip to Rocky Mount. My husband Clarke, and my sister-in-law Melanie, will be acting in the Ghost and More Tour. It's a reenactment about different people and places of this quant little town. I also love going to the mountains right as the leaves are changing.

Then to end it right we are throwing a Halloween Party. We never had a house warming party, so I am excited about this. I am also very excited about our costumes. Oh yeah, and trick or treaters, because we will have lots this year. Last year living in the apartment we hardly had any.

So October, I am happy you are here. Bring on the pumpkins, beautiful colorful leaves, cooler weather and good times!

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