Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Day in the Life

I've seen a lot of other bloggers do day in the life posts about what a typical day looks like for them, and thought it was a great way to remember what life was like a few years from now. So here is a typical day for us, I even made a cute image to go along!
8:00 am: I hear Chloe in her crib cooing and making noises so I crawl out of bed to get her. I'm never ready to get out of bed (but who is?) but when I see her smiling face and she gets excited to see me it makes it worth it. She gets a diaper change and nurses. We head downstairs. 
8:30 am: I eat breakfast and get ready while she plays on her activity gym. 
9:30 am: Most of the time around this time we leave for either the gym, music class, a play date or mops. Sometimes a little earlier or later depending what it is. 
10:00 am: Chloe takes a little nap, I try to time this right especially if we are going to the gym, then I can run on the treadmill. I'm lucky that she will sleep in her car seat. Obviously if we are going to music class she naps afterwards. But yes, sometimes she does nap through a play date, oh well! 
11:00 am: Chloe nurses, sometimes a little after 11. Then we might run errands, or I'll do laundry, wash her cloth diapers or do things around the house I need to get done. 
1:00 pm: Chloe takes a good 2 hour nap. I eat lunch. Sometimes I'll meet my mom for lunch or hang out with a friend who has the day off. 
3:00 pm: Chloe nurses again. Then she'll play on her activity gym or swing. Recently we've been going on walks around the neighborhood since it's been so nice out.
4:30 pm: Chloe takes a little 45 minute nap. 
5:00 pm: I start getting dinner ready, Chloe watches me in her little napper.
6:00 pm: Chloe nurses and Clarke comes home form work. We eat dinner and play with her until bedtime.
8:00 pm: I get Chloe ready for bed, she nurses one last time. 

I will not go into what our nights currently look like, because they are all over the place! Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But that is a typical day for us right now. I didn't put every diaper change, but that does still  happen a lot too!

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