Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 months

Dear Chloe,
A couple days ago while we were in Florida you turned 10 months old. Hard to believe how close you are to being a year old. You have started doing lots of new things this month. You love to point. You point at anything that interests you, buttons, a picture in a book, a freckle, really anything. You also started clapping your hands this month. You will feed yourself sometimes, you mostly pick up your food and throw it on the floor though. Your standing has gotten better, I can tell you are getting more confident. A few days ago you started scooting backwards too.

You wear size 6 months, 9 months and some 12 months depending on the brand. Most of your 6-12 month clothes are still a little big. You still wear size 2 diapers. Your hair continues to grow thicker and longer. If I don't comb it a couple times a day it gets so knotty. Your eyes are still that beautiful blue.

You scared me this month when you broke out in hives. Not sure if it was the soybean in your baby food, but it was bad. You didn't seem to mind though, you were still smiling and laughing. Besides that experience trying new foods has been great. You are such a good eater. This month you tried egg, cheese, tomatoes, peaches, chicken, risotto, and while in Florida you even had crab cakes and loved them. You love everything I give you! You still nurse 4 times a day.

You finally said momma this month! You don't know what it means but I love it. You love to babble and laugh and smile. You are such a friendly baby, and very well behaved. While we were on this last trip whether on the plane, at diner or around the hotel people would come up to me and say how good you were. Someone said you were an angel,  I agree.

You still nap twice a day for an hour each. You sleep 11 hours at night. You wake up only once now, and a pacifier normally does the trick to put you back down. How far you have come from those first months!

I love you so much sweet girl. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.
Love always,
I must add this "photo shoot" was the hardest! You wanted to eat the camera and when I wouldn't let you you got mad.  I can't believe how much you look like a little girl in this picture as well. I am getting a glimpse into your future, less baby everyday. But you are beautiful. 

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