Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day, My Foot and Running

Saturday morning I had my training run, and it reminded me of one reason I love it so much. I love exploring and seeing different parts of the city. When I was training in Richmond I saw so many fun and neat parts I had never seen before and I lived there for so long. Now that I'm new in Winston it's great to do it again. We ran by Graylyn ManorReynolda Gardens, and some of Wake Forest. It was beautiful, of course I had to ask where are we? I think my group is getting used to me always asking that question!
Graylyn Manor, Source

My right foot had been bothering me for some time now. Of course I kept putting off going to the doctor. Partly because it's a pain with a baby and partly because I was afraid he would tell me to stop running. I finally went, got x-rays and thankfully it's not a stress fracture. I just have flat feet, I pronate when I run and Chloe probably changed my foot when I was pregnant with her. I got new shoes with special inserts and kept icing it. I am so happy that I think it's back to normal. No more pain after I run, which is such a blessing! When I thought I might not be able to run anymore I was so upset. This experience has definitely made me thankful for the ability to run and I never want to forget that. 

We had a great Labor Day weekend in Richmond. It was really low key, which we both needed. I got to see my girlfriends which is always the best. My mom babysat Chloe in the morning and after nursing her I got to go back to sleep, which never happens and was such a treat. Of course Chloe got a shopping trip to Gymboree too. I didn't take any pictures except this one I was going to Instagram then forgot.
One of the great meals my mom made us while staying with her! 

So this post was a bit random but that is about all that has been going on here. Life is about to get crazy, going to Destin for a conference for Clarke's work, and family vacation in the OBX later this month too. All good stuff we are really looking forward to!

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