Sunday, September 15, 2013

Low Key Weekend

We spent this past weekend not doing too much, which was exactly what we needed. After traveling so much it was nice to stay put. 
Saturday we went to this little art festival in one of our favorite parts of town. I hafta add the weather has been so nice here this weekend. I can tell fall is on the way!
We went to church this morning and Chloe has been playing with some new toys. 

We also went house hunting which was very disappointing. I haven't updated about the housing situation on here recently because not much has been going on, except for looking. Lots of searching the internet, driving by, and looking but nothing seems to fit our needs in the area we want. Just trying to trust that God has the right home out there for us. He is definitely working in my heart as we wait.

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State of Grace said...

Seeing her in Ellie's old shirt floods me with memories- I love it!!