Friday, September 13, 2013


As many of you know we spent the last couple days in Destin, Florida. Man it was beautiful. Really I forgot how different the beaches are on the gulf side of Florida. The fine, white sand and clear blue water, so nice. 
We went for a trucking conference for Clarke's work. I actually got to learn a little about the trucking industry, kinda neat, but really I was excited about taking Chloe to the beach and pool.
And our room was pretty nice too. It had these cute little bunk beds tucked away in a cozy corner, and the best part, an ocean view!
Of course Chloe has a great time too. She loves the sand and water.

One fun thing we got to do was go inside a truck. This thing was huge on the inside, and so many gauges and gadgets. 
I feel very blessed that we got to go to this event. It was fun being apart of Clarke's daily life at work, getting a glimpse into it. The ocean was so nice and once again it was great to get away for a little bit.

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