Monday, November 11, 2013

12 months

Dear Chloe,
Two days ago you turned 12 months old, which means you are now one year old. My mommy heart is so full. I've been reflecting back on where we were a year ago and we have come so far. From those first days in the hospital to such an active, curious little baby, you have changed so much. This was a big month for you with lots of changes!

You started crawling!! At first it was just to get a toy, now you are everything and really fast. You crawl just like your daddy did. With one leg straight out, the other bent. You love being mobile now. It's definitely time to baby proof.

You also got your first tooth this month! Your bottom tooth started coming in about 3 weeks ago. About a week ago I noticed you were getting another bottom tooth as well. At night you've had some trouble sleeping because of this, but nothing too too bad. Overall you seem to be still a happy baby with teething.

You stopped nursing this month. You weren't into it anymore, and you loved formula in a sippy cup so we switched to that full time. Part of me morns this, but I'm also glad you are getting more independent and can feed yourself. Speaking of eating no more purees this month. You eat all "real" food now. You still LOVE to eat. Turkey lunch meat, pancakes, sweet potatoes, fruit and chicken are your favorites right now.

You have gotten so active this month! You crawl around, pull up, can stand holding onto furniture and love exploring. You still love balls, books, and all your new toys from your party. You still babble all the time. You still love cats and dogs, if we are out and you see one you get soooo excited.

You wear mostly size 12 months now. Some 6, and 9 months still fit. Still size 2 disposable diapers, 3 snaps on your cloth. I am guessing you weigh around 15.5 pounds but we will find out at the doctors this week. Your hair is so thick and full, still beautiful blue eyes which I think you got from your great grandma Nina.

We love you so much sweet girl. You have brought me so much joy this past year and I'm blessed to be your mommy. My life has changed so much because of you, but I wouldn't trade any of it. You are such a beautiful baby. People still stop me at the store and ask how old you are, and tell me how pretty you are. Of course I agree. I can't wait to see what this next year brings for you.
Love always,

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