Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Update

 I was really happy this past weekend as things have settled down some. After Chloe's party and the half I was so ready for a nice weekend at home. We enjoyed it as things are going to get busy for us in December. Here's a weekend recap:

Friday night I went out with my training team. We got dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Village Tavern. Clarke watched Chloe for me and I definitely enjoyed a night out.
I know I said before how my teammates have made Winston-Salem feel more like home, and they really have. It was fun celebrating the half in Richmond, and hearing their opinions about it. I am just slightly biased about it since it's my hometown, but they loved it too!

Saturday all we really did was go out to lunch at our favorite mexican place and walked around Wake Forest. I've driven around the campus many times to show people who visit, but both of us had never actually gotten out and walked around. We had been wanting to do this for a long time.
It's such a beautiful campus. Chloe fell asleep in the stroller and it was actually a pretty nice day, not too cold.
They started decorating for Christmas, so pretty.
I also started Christmas shopping finally. It was nice to not have a busy weekend for a change. Hope y'all enjoyed yours before the craziness of the holidays start! 

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