Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Summertime

I guess it's unofficially summer since Memorial Day was last Monday. My in-laws came down to visit and we had a great time. Saturday we went to Old Salem, walked around and we finally tried out the tavern restaurant there.
We finally got Chloe a pool, and she loves it. I love it too since it keeps her occupied for more than 5 minutes, ha!
I can't get over how cute she looks in her bathing suite! 
We finally put Chloe's playhouse/slide together. I had been looking and looking on Craigslist for one, and I had almost given up then I found one for $30, I was so excited! I'll try and get a better picture soon, it's very colorful, but she loves it and it will be nice to have something outside here for her to play with. 

And no pictures of us, all of Chloe, oh well she takes better pictures anyways! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

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