Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating Halloween. My dad came down for most of the weekend and we really enjoyed having him. 
Thursday night we went to a Halloween party with a bunch of friends from church. I put on Chloe's costume and she hated it to say the least. Lets just say there was lots of screaming, tears and pulling at the tutu. I think part of it was that she was tired, but she was not into it. So I put on a cute dress and off we went. 
The funny part is that she was fine wearing the ears, which is a headband but she normally hates wearing headbands. I thought that would be the part she hated, oh toddlers I wish I understood what goes through her head some days. 
They had a bouncy house, and she actually played some. Then Friday this happened:
I put on her costume, and she smiled. 
Chloe's bff Olivia came over for some trick or treating. They had so much fun together. 
Chloe loved playing with Grandpa after trick or treating. 

Saturday morning was my last long run before the half in Richmond. It was rainy, and not just a little drizzle, like heavy rain. And it was cold, and windy and just nasty out. I wanted to not go so bad but it was too close to race day. Our run was two laps around Salem Lake, which would have been gorgeous on a sunny fall day. After one lap I was going to quit, but I didn't. Part of me was disappointed in my run, but then I thought that's not fair. I did it, I finished and it wasn't pretty, in fact it was probably one of the worse runs of my life. But I'm stronger for it. I'm ready for Richmond now.

Since Saturday was rainy and cold we took Chloe to Sci Works, a museum pretty close to our house. 
It was the first time we've been to this museum and we loved it. I was afraid they would't have much for Chloe but they had tons of fun things for her. 
Can't believe it's already November. Bring on Chloe's party and race day!!

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