Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Small Crisis

This morning as I was getting ready for church I had a small crisis. I went to put on my ring from my grandmother, and it was nowhere to be found. This ring means the world to me, it is just as special as my wedding and engagement rings.

Before my grandma passed away she had two diamond rings made. One for me and one for my cousin, her other granddaughter. She used the diamonds from her mother's wedding ring, her old wedding ring and other family heirlooms.

My ring from her is gorgeous, but that's not why I love it so much. I love that ring so much because it was the last thing she ever gave me. She had it made especially for me, knowing one day she would be gone and I would have it to remember her by.

I was very close to my grandmother, closer than most. She was an inspiration to me. She taught me so much about family, love, faith and perseverance. She overcame breast cancer, she overcame the death of her husband who she loved dearly, she over came lung cancer, and two other kinds of cancer. She never complained about it, never said life wasn't fair.

My grandmother was the type of person who loved life. She did yoga, was involved in 3 different bible studies in 2 different churches, danced, was a great cook, volunteered to feed the homeless, traveled all over the world, went to the gym, read, loved to shop, was a true friend and amazing mother of 3 and grandmother of 4.
My family wearing the t-shirts my grandparents brought us all back from their trip to Australia. I'm in the front row far left. Grandma is the middle row second from left.
Oh yeah she also loved to play golf, like me! I hope me and Clarke play as much golf together as they did.
Us at my graduation from JMU.

In conclusion, I found the ring. I must have set it on the dresser and Betty knocked it off, underneath it. Good thing we are moving and I can just throw everything into boxes, because I tore the place up.

What is something that you own that means a lot to you and why?!?

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