Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Anniversaries

So with preparing for the marathon, then recovering from the marathon I didn't have time to post about 2 fun anniversaries that happened in November.

The first one happened on November 6! This little old blog turned 2 years old. I started this blog just as a fun way to document my life, and all the little things that I know I will forget a couple years from now. And that is def. still the main point of my blogging (in fact I decided this has officially become my scrapbook because I just don't have time to scrapbook every week, and I want to publish it into a book.) But, this blog has also turned into a way to share my story. Whether it's my journey towards teaching full time, marathon training or just day to day life I love sharing what God is doing in my life.

Then on November 15 me and Clarke celebrated 10 years since our first date! Clarke had saved the ticket stubs from our first date, we saw Shallow Hal. Then as a wedding gift he framed them in a shadowbox along with some other things and it now hangs in our bedroom. So back in the summer I was looking at it and realized that this November it would be 10 years so we marked it on the calendar. We went out to dinner that night, and we couldn't believe how long it had been. Our relationship looks nothing like it did back then, it has gone through so many changes and different stages but I still love him the same.

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