Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Nursery Find

I must say I am really excited about my most recent nursery items purchased! I have been looking for new hardware for the dresser and nightstand ever since we found out we were having a girl. I just love all the pretty crystal hardware that is out there, and think it would be perfect for a little girl's room. The only problem is it's super expensive. I absolutely love this clear crystal handle at Anthropologie. But at $12 a pop times 11 (what I need for all the drawers on the dresser and nightstand) that would be $132 plus tax. And I would still need 3 knobs for the cabinet part of the furniture pieces. (I feel like that doesn't make sense, but the nightstand basically has a cabinet part on the bottom with a drawer on top, and the dresser has a little cabinet part too.) So I digress, but basically I have been looking for a month only to find cute expensive options.

Well today I was at Hobby Lobby (where I could easily spend so much money, but I was good and practiced self control!) and found more cute crystal hardware. I didn't even know they sold hardware but I somehow stumbled upon it. The prices were cheaper than I had seen elsewhere but not by that much. Basically the same crystal handle I mentioned above was $2 cheaper. They also had the exact same clear crystal flower knob found at Layla Grayce for $4 less. Then I saw all the hardware was 50% off!!! I was so excited. I got 3 of those cute flower knobs for $10.50 vs. paying $33 plus shipping, saving about $25! (not sure how much shipping would be) I also got the crystal handles at $5 each vs. $12 each. Saving over $77. So for a total I saved over $100! :)

So yes, I just wrote a whole blog post about hardware. But it's the little things like this that make me happy! Haha! But in all honesty I am loving decorating this nursery. I've always wanted to decorate a nursery and it really is as fun as I thought it would be.

Up next: painting the nursery pink finally!

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