Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nursery Lighting

The room that will be our little girl's nursery was our extra room that we never used. Here is a picture of the light that was there when we bought the house:
I've always hated this light, and it's definitely not right for a nursery. So this past weekend we took on the task of taking it down and installing a ceiling fan. I debated awhile about what kind of lighting I wanted to put in this room, but I decided on doing a ceiling fan for these reasons:
~It's something she can grown into, even when she is older. Also whenever we sell this house it will appeal to more buyers than a typical kids light.
~I wanted something neutral.
~Ceiling fans reduce the risk of SIDS. It circulates the air which helps baby breathe better.

So the first thing we did was spray paint the fan blades. Well, Clarke did the spray paint. We wanted the silver hardware on the fan but white blades and that wasn't an option. So instead of buying new white fan blades Clarke just spray painted them. This was the easy part.

Betty enjoyed playing with all the little bags and twist ties in the box.
Then we couldn't get the wiring right, and once we had the fan up it wouldn't work. After spending almost all day putting the many parts together we gave up.
Luckily the next day we got it working and now it looks great and is functional!
So happy to have this part done with the nursery and we can move onto things that are more fun. The next big thing we have to do is paint the walls. And refinish a lot of furniture. Like 5 or 6 pieces. But that's for another day! 

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Melissa said...

She'll also love to watch the fan. Keagan loves anything that spins above his head!

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